Erica D’Costa standing in Times Square, New York City.

Rutgers Alumni in the Media

Meet the young graduates making their marks in the worlds of TV, social media, radio, and publishing. 


The undergraduate program in meteorology at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences prepares students for a host of careers, from television broadcasters to research scientists, after completing a demanding curriculum.   

Winter 2023 Magazine

Top Stories

James Cortes and Nina Gohel in the New Jersey State House in Trenton, New Jersey

Last summer, 100 students representing the inaugural class of the Rutgers Summer Service Internship initiative were chosen to work at nonprofit organizations or direct-service government agencies.

Illustration of diverse group of people working on desks

Whether a small nonprofit or a big corporation, an organization depends on certain dynamics among employees to function. Rebecca Greenbaum and Nichelle C. Carpenter, experts in human resource management, explain.