Rutgers Magazine's editor reflects on many memorable issues and stories featured in the university magazine through the years: President Obama speaks at the 250th anniversary commencement • Rutgers honors distinguished alumni in a big way • Richard L. McCormick revisits his presidency • Alumna Stephanie Klemons teaches us the dance steps in Hamilton • A husband-and-wife team look to save our depleted microbiomes • Researchers are doing something about climate change 

A life of rock ‘n’ roll for alumni Lenny Kaye and Terry Stewart • It rains cats and dogs for these alumnae • A scholarship program warms hearts and gets results • Everyone in the pool! • Sharing dessert at the White House with alumnus Bill Yosses 

Women faculty members advocate for women • Providing remote instruction during COVID • The Rutgers alumnus who taught Philip Roth life lessons • President Barchi engineers the introduction of the biomedical and health sciences at Rutgers • Professors share the secret to giving a masterful lecture • Alumna Mary Howard sets the scene for photographer Annie Leibovitz 

Last summer, 100 students representing the inaugural class of the Rutgers Summer Service Internship initiative were chosen to work at nonprofit organizations or direct-service government agencies.

The undergraduate program in meteorology at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences prepares students for a host of careers, from television broadcasters to research scientists, after completing a demanding curriculum.   

Alumnus Jonathan Ullman presides over a popular destination in Las Vegas, where details of the battle between organized crime and law enforcement can be discovered.