COVID-19 Update

Jonathan Holloway fills key administrative positions with leaders uniquely qualified to carry out the priorities that the president has outlined for Rutgers.

Rutgers Big Ideas—an initiative of 12 bold projects with global implications—will draw on the university’s academic, health care, and research expertise to make the world a better place.

The Coastal Climate Risk and Resilience initiative trains Rutgers graduate students to collaborate with local decision-makers and help vulnerable shore communities prepare for the impact of climate change.

Alumnus and freelance journalist Rich Shea shares his account of life in the nation's capital during the fraught two weeks leading up to Inauguration Day.

Members of the Rutgers community explain how they have gained personal strength through coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jonathan Holloway, the 21st university president, envisions a culture that emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and respect as Rutgers refines its mission of becoming a top public research university.

The heroic work of the Rutgers COVID-19 Task Force was instrumental in safeguarding the university community during the pandemic.