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Standing among the nation's leading research universities, Rutgers is acclaimed for the excellent achievements of our people and for their contributions to society in the pursuit of education, research, and health care.

Closing the Gap on Alzheimer's

Using a unique approach to studying human brain cells, Rutgers scientists are tirelessly working to advance the understanding of how destructive proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease attack cells and destroy surrounding brain tissue.

The research has identified a potential therapeutic target for this disease that afflicts millions and has no known cure.

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Congratulations to Our Newest AAAS Fellows

Among the nation's best scientists, engineers, and innovators recognized for their achievements 
The nine Rutgers faculty elected to the newest class of fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) are engaging in research to enhance our understanding of the universe, prepare the world to address climate change and find ways to restore brain function after traumatic injury or disease. 

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Advancements in understanding the molecular mechanism of mRNA translation and trace element metabolism

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences; Co-Director, University Office of Climate Action
Innovations in climate science, particularly using statistical process modeling to estimate sea level change

Associate Research Professor, Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
Innovations in molecular visualization education for teachers, undergraduates, and the public

Associate Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Advancements in marine biology, particularly for predictions about the impacts of climate change and population dynamics

Professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, School of Arts and Sciences
Contributions to molecular and cellular neuroscience, particularly the development of, and strategies to repair, damaged neural circuits

Distinguished Professor and Vice Chair of Management Science and Information Systems, Rutgers Business School
Contributions to privacy protection in data analytics, information sharing, and access control management

Professor and Chair of Human Ecology, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Advancements in risk analysis, assessment, and communication, and educating the public on important scientific issues

Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Advancements in ecosystem services, particularly contributions to pollination ecology and conservation

Professor of Physics and Astronomy, School of Arts and Sciences
Contributions to the study of Type Ia supernovae, including insights on their intrinsic properties and their use as cosmological probes

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