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Rutgers University is an academic health leader that is shaping the future of human health, pioneering breakthroughs, and integrating care to keep the world well. Through the activities of Rutgers Health, the university stands as one of America’s largest and most comprehensive university-based centers for studying and improving human health and health care. Rutgers takes an integrated approach to educating students, providing clinical care, and conducting research with the goal of improving human health.

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Health Education at Rutgers

The schools of Rutgers Health comprise New Jersey's largest and most influential constellation of academic institutions devoted to educating the full complement of health care professionals.

More than 600 doctoral degrees are awarded each year by Rutgers Health, from MD and DMD to doctor of physical therapy and PhD. Hundreds more master's level degrees are awarded annually in diverse fields including biomedical informatics, clinical nutrition, and nursing.

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Choosing Rutgers Health

Whether you attend as an undergraduate or graduate student, Rutgers Health provides students with many pathways to success.

Rutgers' graduate and professional programs offer the opportunity to study with well known faculty and industry leaders, access to state-of-the-art research facilities, and more.

Explore the paths to an undergraduate degree and all the possibilities that come from it. Whether you know your major already or you're still deciding, you'll find your path at Rutgers.

Through basic, translational, and clinical research—spanning the life sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences—Rutgers Health drives education, medical breakthroughs, and economic development, while improving lives at home and in the global community.

Rutgers keeps costs low and provides financial aid for eligible undergraduates.

Undergraduate students interested in enrolling at Rutgers should visit the admissions site for details on the application process.

Rutgers is home to a vibrant research community that advances knowledge and makes new discoveries. Rutgers leverages its size to tap into a vast network of research experts and top facilities.

Patient Care and Clinical Health

As New Jersey’s largest academic health care provider, Rutgers leads by emphasizing approaches to health and wellness that fully engage patients. Rutgers patients receive care from top physicians and health professionals, including dentists, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, and other allied health providers—whose observations and expertise contribute to a collaborative approach to patient care. So many viewpoints—together with opportunities to improve on these perspectives—ensures that Rutgers puts patients first.

Patient Care and Clinical Health