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School of Public Health students

School of Public Health

Advancing Health and Preventing Disease in New Jersey and Abroad

The School of Public Health, a part of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences with programs at Rutgers University–New Brunswick and Rutgers University–Newark, is New Jersey’s preeminent public institution of higher education in public health, offering master's and doctoral degree programs and post-baccalaureate certificates.

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Locations in Newark and New Brunswick
Nationally ranked among the best schools of public health

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Strong alumni network working in various industries at home and abroad
Rutgers students

Keeping the "Public" in Public Health

Come to the School of Public Health to work with and learn from top public health scholars who bring interdisciplinary expertise from a vast array of subject areas spanning reproductive and sexual health to violence prevention, nutrition, tobacco control, and so much more. Students learn how to consider and collectively combat some of the most vexing public health dilemmas faced by the people of New Jersey, the United States, and the world through the lens of equity and social justice. 

"The program is like no other..."

"I chose the School of Public Health for its unique program in Urban Public Health. With an interest in health disparities specifically among marginalized populations, the program is like no other that I looked into! Living in New Jersey also provides great opportunities in various industries.” 

Ismary Vento, MPH student

Ismary Vento

New Jersey's Center on Gun Violence Research

Gun violence is a growing public health threat in the United States. Traumatized victims and communities need support and solutions. New Jersey’s Center on Gun Violence Research at Rutgers supports interdisciplinary research on the causes, consequences, and solutions to gun-related violence, while respecting the rights of legal, safe gun ownership and use.

New Jersey Center on Gun Violence Research