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Illustration of the 12 Big Ideas

Thinking Big

Rutgers Big Ideas—an initiative of 12 bold projects with global implications—will draw on the university’s academic, health care, and research expertise to make the world a better place.

 May 1970, Rutgers students gathered at Old Queens at Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Remembering the campus culture at Rutgers 50 years ago, when national civic and political unrest spilled over into the university.

Long Beach Island New Jersey

The Coastal Climate Risk and Resilience initiative trains Rutgers graduate students to collaborate with local decision-makers and help vulnerable shore communities prepare for the impact of climate change.

Protestors holding signs

Rebecca Kolins Givan, a scholar of labor and employment relations, assesses the state of workers’ rights in the United States.

Spring2021 Magazine

Top Stories

Rutgers president Jonathan Holloway, pictured outside Winants Hall at Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Jonathan Holloway fills key administrative positions with leaders uniquely qualified to carry out the priorities that the president has outlined for Rutgers.

Corina Lelutiu-Weinberger

Corina Lelutiu-Weinberger, at Rutgers School of Nursing, gets a grant to stem infection rates among gay men in Romania, where AIDS is rampant.

Three Fulbright Students

Rutgers is among the national leaders in producing Fulbright Students, who teach or conduct research abroad.

Illustration of Diana

Diana: A New Musical, by alumnus Joe DiPietro, will be shown on Netflix and will open on Broadway in December.