President Jonathan Holloway poses with students at the Rutgers Summer Service Institute launch event on May 19, 2022.

Stories From the Rutgers Summer Service Internships

The Rutgers Summer Service Internship (RSSI) Program grew out of President Jonathan Holloway’s vision of civic engagement as a critical component of a Rutgers education and a path toward appreciating our differences, restoring civil discourse, and working in service to the common good. 

This past summer, 100 students were selected to complete internships at nonprofit organizations or direct-service government offices through a unique course curriculum created and coordinated by the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers-Camden Career Center, Rutgers-New Brunswick Office of Career Exploration and Success, and Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center.

Students gained hands-on experience as they confronted issues that impede our progress and competitiveness as a nation: public health deficits, infrastructure problems, environmental degradation, educational inequities, and much more. Their stories have returned and are reverberating well beyond the campus parameters often used to define the University’s footprint.

“An idea that inspired people to join up for a cause has now birthed in those people a new conviction that they can make a difference,” says Holloway. “That’s what we’re all about.”

Scroll down for a message from President Holloway, and to read and watch stories about some of the Rutgers students who made a difference this summer.