Carolina Cabrera DiGiorgio standing in front of the Rutgers Law School building at Rutgers-Camden

Faces & Voices of Rutgers: Carolina Cabrera DiGiorgio

Carolina Cabrera DiGiorgio’s journey taught her about its destination. It began in Honduras, grew in New Jersey, flourished at Rutgers-Camden and in the practice of corporate law, and is now blossoming as president and CEO of Congreso de Latinos Unidos.

Her story is a unique but familiar one at Rutgers University, where more than 9,000 international students and scholars from approximately 125 countries around the world call home. The rich perspectives brought to campus help to globalize our classrooms and contribute to advancements in education, research, and service.

On September 16, DiGiorgio sat down with President Jonathan Holloway at Rutgers Law School in Camden for a conversation that touched upon many subjects. Among the topics were her journey to America, the impact of an engaged faculty, the role of higher education, and the concepts of “meeting people where they are” and “seeing beyond your bubble.”

We are reminded that kindness and compassion have a universal impact and that our shared values lead us to a common ground where differences can be discussed and explored.