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Graduate School of Education

Advancing Excellence and Equity in Education

A national leader in preparing educators who create effective and equitable learning environments and are at the forefront of new knowledge, the Graduate School of Education is a top, research-based professional school for teachers, administrators, and educational leaders. The school offers on-campus courses at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, as well as online graduate degree and certificate programs.

New Jersey's top-ranked school of education

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Programs of study taught by leading education experts
Alumni from all over the world
Nearly 100 years as a national leader in preparing educators

Why Become a Teacher?

Better Education Makes a Better World

  • Contribute to your community in a meaningful way
  • Provide mentorship in a supportive environment
  • Inspire a love of learning or interest in a particular subject
  • Make the world a better place by instilling positive values
  • Widen perspectives and encourage a more inclusive society
  • Celebrate similarities and differences
  • Foster a spirit of inquiry and exploration
  • Catalyze a generation of thinkers, innovators, and change-makers
  • Meet hundreds of diverse people and families
  • Learn something new every day in a dynamic and complex profession
  • Develop hard and soft skills that will help you in every facet of your life
Rutgers graduate students

Spotlight: Master of Education Programs

The Graduate School of Education offers master of education (M.Ed) degree programs for students with a wide range of needs and interests. Rutger's M.Ed programs prepare future teachers, school leaders, and educators with specific career and professional goals.

All M.Ed programs have several characteristics in common. First, each is solidly based in the theory and most recent research in the field. Second, professors share with students a practical understanding of the field. Third, the faculty strive to give the students the best preparation possible for their chosen line of work.

Students leave the program well prepared to become recognized experts at whatever field they study.

Graduate School of Education students