Your Rutgers Tech Questions Answered

Student sitting at help desk computer with large screen in the background
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk, which supports the university community with all of its tech needs, answers the top 10 tech questions at Rutgers.
Nick Romanenko/Rutgers University

Wondering how to set up your NetID, connect to the internet or where to print on campus?

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk, which supports the Rutgers community with all of its tech needs, has the answers.

“Getting students connected and ready for the start of semester is a top priority,” said Ana Verma, an OIT director who oversees the Help Desk. “We field a lot of the same questions around this time, and we want to proactively get this information out to students before they urgently need it.”

Here are the top 10 questions the Help Desk receives at the start of each semester. Check out these tips and visit the IT support and help page to learn about additional tech resources at Rutgers.

How do I activate my NetID? (What is my NetID?)

NetID is the unique identifier that all Rutgers students, faculty, staff, and guests are assigned. If you’re new to the university, make sure your NetID is activated by visiting

How do I reset my NetID password?

Complete the prompts on the “Forgotten password” page to reset your NetID password. For step-by-step instructions, check out the “How do I reset my NetID password if I forgot my password?” article.

How can I get help with Duo?

See several FAQs related to two-step-login with Duo, which adds an extra layer of security to all your Rutgers accounts and is required for students. These FAQs include “What is Duo?”, “How do I sign up?”, and “How do I use Duo in places like exam rooms that forbid mobile phones?

How do I connect my smart device or game console?

Both wired and wireless devices can be connected for internet access in residence halls to the Rutgers Residential Network (ResNet). A new self-service tool allows you to register devices to ResNet.

Follow these steps to connect smart devices, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and wired desktops. If you have devices that you connected in previous years, you will need to reconnect them to the RUIOT network.

How do I connect to RUWireless?

RUWireless Secure is the secure wireless network available to the Rutgers community across the university’s locations. Follow these instructions to get connected to RUWireless Secure.

RUHealthSciences is also available as an encrypted wireless network for Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) students, faculty, and staff as it provides secure wireless access to RBHS resources. 

Where can I print on campus?

Printing is available on campus at computing labs. Students can print from lab computers, personal devices, or through Virtual Computer Labs. Learn more about printing at Rutgers.

How do I activate Zoom?

Get your own new Rutgers Zoom account by using the Service Activation page. See step-by-step instructions for activating Zoom.

Do I have a ScarletMail or Rutgers Connect account?

ScarletMail is the official email service for Rutgers students, but if you are a RBHS student, your default email account will be through Rutgers Connect because those with an active RBHS role will need to have access to Protected Health Information.  

More information and instructions for activating ScarletMail and ScarletApps, Rutgers’ implementation of Google Workspace that includes apps like Google Docs, is available at the ScarletApps website. If you are an RBHS student looking for information on Rutgers Connect, please visit the Rutgers Connect website for additional information.

Where can I get help for Canvas?

Help articles for many student-related Canvas features are available on the university’s Canvas website. Rutgers also has a dedicated support team for Canvas that can be contacted for help.

Where do I go for help with financial aid, registration, and applications?

ScarletHub has information on Rutgers financial services, registration, and other student-enrollment services.