Talk the Talk: A Conversation on Language

Talk the Talk graphic
Rutgers University's 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month campaign looks at the relationship between language, community and identity.
Sean McCloskey/Rutgers University

In celebration and recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month this year, we present Talk the Talk: A Conversation on Language, where staff members and students were invited to share about their relationship with language, community and identity. Here are their stories.

Marques Ruiz
Digital Content Producer
University Communications and Marketing
Rutgers-New Brunswick

Marques Ruiz discusses his Puerto Rican heritage, his journey to learn Spanish and his perspective on passing down his culture.

Isnard Mir-Merced
Program Coordinator
Office of Student Life and Leadership

Isnard Mir-Merced discusses the importance of Spanish in his life, getting through tough moments and why pride is so important for the community.

Chris Kubik Cedeño
Assistant Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Chris Kubik-Cedeño discusses embracing the Spanish language, his pride in being biracial and the importance of brotherhood and community bonds as a means to connect.

Saskia Leo Cipriani
Assistant Director
Center for Latino Arts and Culture
Rutgers-New Brunswick

Saskia Leo Cipriani discusses her Afro-Latina identity, teaching her son multiple languages and how language can offer more than just basic translation.

Produced by Evie Duvert. Video by John Munson. Photography by Marques Ruiz.