In 2015, Rutgers University approved a Physical Master Plan (Rutgers 2030) that identified a significant need to expand, upgrade and modernize its facilities and technology to improve teaching, research and student services.

Today, the Rutgers Board of Governors approved a list of proposed student-focused renovation and expansion projects across the university, totaling $98.5 million. The university is submitting the list to the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education to apply for grants through the Capital Improvement Fund (CIF), a state-supported bond program. Under the CIF program, the university must pay one-third of the debt service on bonds issued to finance the projects.

Each project is contingent upon receipt of a grant under the CIF program.         

Rutgers University-Camden Projects

  • Writers House Addition: This project will provide additional academic and administrative space for the Department of English and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing programs. The work includes a three-story addition to the existing structure providing approximately 10,000 square feet of new space for readings, seminars, exhibits and student/faculty/community interaction. Total capital cost: $7 million.
  • Artis Building Renovation: The Artis Building is actually two adjoining row houses on Cooper Street, built circa 1850. The project would substantially renovate the structure to house the Department of Childhood Studies, which is currently scattered around different buildings at Rutgers University-Camden. Renovation on the 13,000-square-foot building would require significant interior demolition and infrastructure work to construct conference and seminar rooms, a computer lab, offices and support space for students, faculty and staff. Total capital cost: $3.5 million.

Rutgers University-Newark Projects

  • John Cotton Dana Library Renovation: The John Cotton Dana Library, constructed in 1966 and enlarged in 1977 and 1994, is a center for learning that serves all Rutgers University-Newark students. Located at the center of the campus, it is a hub for student research and study. The Rutgers 2030 Physical Master Plan envisions the library as the physical center and intellectual heart of the university, physically connecting Rutgers University-Newark to its surrounding community from Martin Luther King Boulevard through the Paul Robeson Campus Center and the Dana Library all the way to Military Park, while increasing connectivity and opportunities for interactions throughout the campus. It is envisioned as a destination point for students and faculty alike to engage in study, learning and collaborative scholarship. Total capital cost: $11 million.
  • Olson Hall Renovation: Olson Hall houses chemistry laboratories used for teaching and research. More than a dozen sections of lab courses are held each semester in this building that was constructed in the early 1970s. An approximately 6,000-square-foot space would be renovated to upgrade teaching laboratories and the building’s HVAC systems. Upgrading the facility will improve learning and enhance the student experience in a popular area of study. Total capital cost: $10 million.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick Projects

  • Administrative Services Building I (ASB I) Renovation: As part of Rutgers 2030, Rutgers University-New Brunswick identified the need for a one-stop location where students could register, apply for financial aid, interact with Residence Life staff, purchase dining cards and parking passes, etc. Administrative Services Building I on the Busch Campus was determined to be the ideal location for such a facility due to its proximity to a major bus stop and the availability of nearby parking. ASB I has served as an administrative and technology facility since its construction in the early 1970s. The project includes significant interior renovation and infrastructure upgrades to provide spaces for student waiting areas, meeting rooms and support services and to facilitate movement through the building to various offices. Plans also include a small addition to the building that would create a new student entrance oriented to the planned Busch transportation hub. Total capital cost: $35 million.
  • Hickman Hall Renovation: Hickman Hall, built in 1964, is a major hub of activity on the Douglass Campus. Each year, approximately 60,000 students attend classes or lectures in the building. It also houses support space for the School of Arts and Sciences. This project would upgrade the infrastructure of classrooms, lecture halls and student common areas – a total of approximately 50,000 square feet. The renovation would also improve accessibility and upgrade the Hickman Hall’s HVAC and electrical systems. Total capital cost: $10 million.

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Projects

  • Clinical Academic Building Renovation: The Clinical Academic Building serves as the primary outpatient clinical and clinical research building in New Brunswick for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS). In this project, the seventh floor of the building (approximately 24,000 square feet) will undergo a phased gut renovation, providing a large suite of state-of-the-art clinical research spaces to one of the key departments of RWJMS. The new space will house a flexible, open laboratory; research and departmental offices; and space for graduate and post-doctorate students. Total capital cost: $17 million.
  • Research Tower Vivarium Renovation: The Research Tower in Piscataway is a classroom, research and laboratory facility that has not changed significantly since it opened in 1966. The plan for this building includes upgrading the facility to support contemporary learning and research activities by updating technology, renovating interior spaces and installing modern HVAC and electrical systems. Total capital cost: $5 million.