Bench Side to Bedside

Rutgers' health sciences research activity is the largest and most comprehensive in New Jersey. In the life sciences alone, Rutgers expends more than $430 million annually in research and development. Our research spans the spectrum from “bench side" (laboratory) to "bedside" (direct care of people). Through research we

  • uncover the core processes of health sciences and health care;
  • test and develop original interventions for patient care;
  • translate discoveries into innovations that advance health care and grow the economy;
  • better understand relationships among basic science, patient care, and society;
  • prepare future generations of scientists, practitioners, and policymakers.

Safer Produce

Rutgers food science students are exploring how to use cold plasma technology to decontaminate fruits and vegetables. Researchers say the ability to decontaminate food after it has been sealed in packaging could lead to a dramatic drop in cases of food poisoning.

350 clinical trials at any given time
Stem Cell

Breakthrough Research at Rutgers

The list of groundbreaking discoveries by New Jersey Medical School's cadre of world-class researchers keeps growing. In just one of many examples of how research at Rutgers is making a difference, our scientists have discovered a crucial connection between brain and gut stem cells, which has the potential for treating brain illness and cancer.