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Better Together: The Frontline Nurse’s Journey from Trauma to Healing

Date & Time

Thursday, September 23, 2021, 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.




Virtual Event


Presented by the Rutgers School of Nursing

Better Together RUAA event

Many nurses and health care professionals are grappling with the mental strain that COVID-19 has caused. Join a roundtable discussion with panelists from Rutgers School of Nursing who will share their perspectives on front-line acute care, micro- and macroaggressions toward nurses of color, nursing students, and the state of the nursing profession in a post-pandemic landscape. Panelists will also discuss how the School of Nursing leads the way in addressing the wellness of nurses. 
This discussion is being moderated by Dr. Kelly Moore, a licensed clinical psychologist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a clinical specialty in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, and perinatal disorders in youth and adults, with concluding remarks from Linda Flynn GSN’90,’95, dean, School of Nursing.

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Panelists include: 

Susan Salmond, executive vice dean, School of Nursing 
Charlotte Thomas-Hawkins, associate dean, School of Nursing 
Amita Avadhani SN’09, associate professor, School of Nursing 
Donna Gaffney GSNB’77, psychotherapist 
Lindsey Greene SAS’14, SN’20, registered nurse, Hackensack University Medical Center