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School of Communication and Information

Understanding Communication and Its Practice in Society

The School of Communication and Information offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed so students can succeed in the fast-paced and dynamic fields of communication, information, journalism, and media.

Full- and part-time faculty
Collaborative research centers, labs, working groups, and clusters
Undergraduates, master's students, and doctoral students
A strong and connected alumni network

Talented, Smart Communicators Are In Demand

Students choose the School of Communication and Information because of the educational opportunities presented by studying with our outstanding faculty in such close proximity to the major job markets in New York City and Philadelphia. Our graduates go on to find successful careers in a variety of fields, including communications, media, digital media, journalism, marketing, public relations, libraries, cultural organizations, management, information technology, and informatics.

Preparing Students for Success

Communication and information are at the forefront of every industry and interaction today. Learn about the School of Communication and Information (SC&I) and its commitment to equipping students with the tools required to succeed in today’s global communication, information, and media environments.

Explore Undergraduate Majors

Communication Major
Learn the theories and practices that help organizations, communities, and individuals connect.

Information Technology & Informatics Major
Create and manage IT tools—websites, apps, games, and more—with insight into human behavior.

Journalism and Media Studies Major
Uncover and craft stories, build digital media production skills, and learn how global media work.

Pictured: Hayley Slusser (SCI'22), former editor-in-chief of The Daily Targum.

Hayley Slusser

Program Spotlight: Master of Health Communication and Information (MHCI)

The Master of Health Communication and Information (MHCI) program focuses on the communication, information, and media aspects of health-related policies and practices.

Classes explore the critical systems and interactions that support wellness in interpersonal, community, organizational, and public settings. The program is designed to enable you to navigate and leverage the intersections of communication, information, and media in an environment of information overload.

The MHCI degree focuses on the various communication modalities as well as the strategic and managerial aspects of information systems in healthcare. 

MHCI class in session