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Spotlight: Signature Courses

School of Arts and Sciences Signature Courses are foundational courses covering engaging topics of grand intellectual sweep and enduring importance.

They are designed and taught by renowned scholars and scientists who are not only recognized for their specialized research but are also eloquent and demanding award-winning teachers.

Pictured: professor Derrick Darby with hip hop artists Melle Mel and Rah Digga in the Rhymes and Reasons: Hip Hop and Philosophy signature course

Pictured: professor Derrick Darby with hip hop artists Melle Mel and Rah Digga in the Rhymes and Reasons: Hip Hop and Philosophy signature course.

Make Your Mark on the World

Home to nearly 50 academic disciplines, the School of Arts and Sciences is where you’ll find a renowned faculty preparing students to become philosophers and mathematicians, physicists and physicians, economists and neuroscientists, and so much more. Learn from leading minds in climate change, women’s history, and exercise science; scholars of the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean; and experts in more than two dozen world languages—the School of Arts and Sciences is the place for you to find and explore your passion.

Building Community with Purpose

Kevin Carolina co-founded the group Minority Men in Medicine at Rutgers. The purpose of the organization is to provide an academic and social support network to increase the number of underrepresented minority men matriculating into medical school. “We believed that representation was important. Seeing individuals who looked like us who were successful in medicine motivated us not to give up, despite the challenges we faced on our paths to becoming physicians,” Carolina said.

Kevin Carolina, public health major

Kevin Carolina

Meaningful Research

Julia Fuchs, a self-described “museum nerd,” completed a senior honors project in which she catalogued the university's small but historically rich collection of antiquities from ancient Egypt, then created a website to display them, and wrote a 30-page paper on the collection. “These artifacts show a connection between the modern and the ancient world and those are the things I find the most fascinating,” she said.

Julia Fuchs, history and anthropology major

Julia Fuchs

Inspired to Give Back

“Medicine gives me the avenue I was always looking for. Medicine is the way I can reach out to people and make lasting connections.” 

Bryan Cabezas, Biological Sciences major

Bryan Cabezas

Amazing Opportunities

“What I loved about the School of Arts and Sciences was that I had the freedom to combine all my interests together into one big thing.”

Ashley Crawley, Psychology major

Ashley Crawley
Kevin Carolina
Julia Fuchs
Bryan Cabezas
Ashley Crawley

Explore the School of Arts and Sciences

The study of the arts and sciences is the foundation of undergraduate education and academic inquiry at Rutgers—opening the door to new worlds of knowledge and intellectual adventure. Students choose their own path, exploring different fields of study while gaining essential skills for successful lives and careers. 

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

With more than 100 majors and complementary minors to choose from, the School of Arts and Sciences offers the widest academic selection of any school at Rutgers.

Advantages of Liberal Arts Study

Prepare for successful lives and careers built on a critical understanding of the natural environment, human behavior, and the role of the individual in human societies.

For Graduate Students

Pursue a professional or advanced degree or certificates in the arts and sciences.

For International Students

Students from more than 120 countries are enrolled and thriving.

Next-Level Learning

Students with strong academic records can take advantage of a range of enriching academic and professional opportunities.

The School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Experience a close-knit academic environment within one of the leading research universities in the nation. The Honors Program encourages and guides creative, talented, and motivated students while fostering a strong sense of community and leadership. Other benefits include honors housing opportunities, interdisciplinary honors seminars, faculty and peer mentoring programs, global experiences, and more. 

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