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School of Arts and Sciences–Newark

A Remarkable Place

Located in the heart of New Jersey's largest city, the School of Arts and Sciences–Newark at Rutgers University–Newark attracts and cultivates a wide range of talent. Our students are hungry for a world-class liberal arts education in a major urban center full of remarkable opportunity and diversity.

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Explore, Discover, Imagine

Rutgers–Newark provides a unique opportunity to learn in an environment constantly lauded as one of the most diverse in the nation. At the School of Arts and Sciences–Newark, this diversity is not only reflected in the student body, but in the wide breadth of academic experiences available and the amazing array of professional and personal opportunities afforded to our undergraduate and graduate students.

Make an Impact

With nearly 40 undergraduate majors, the School of Arts and Sciences–Newark provides opportunities for academic exploration in a wide range of studies; from studio art to neuroscience, you can make an impact.

Develop an expansive worldview while gaining the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and hands-on experience that is sure to set you apart as you enter the job market or apply to graduate school.

Find support from professors, advisors, peers, and an extensive alumni network ready to help you make your mark in your chosen area of expertise.

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Why I Chose Rutgers

"Once I was there, it felt less like a program and more like a family. I felt seen. I felt heard. And that’s very important to me.”

Karoline Gonzalez Sanchez, journalism, media studies, and social justice major

Karoline Gonzalez Sanchez at the Rutgers-Newark Honors Living Learning Community

Academic and Research Opportunities

The School of Arts and Sciences–Newark lets you explore your academic interests in a dynamic environment alongside a faculty passionate about teaching and research.

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Explore the degrees offered in nearly 40 undergraduate fields and a wide complement of minors.

Academic Departments

The school’s 21 departments teach more than 2,000 courses every year in more than 40 subjects.

For Graduate Students

Pursue a professional or advanced degree or certificates in the arts and sciences.

Research Initiatives

Providing students and faculty the space and means to explore and achieve.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Learn about research fellowships and scholarships for undergraduates.

Research Centers and Institutes

The School of Arts and Sciences–Newark has eight affiliated research centers and institutes.

Spotlight: Honors Programs

As the largest of the schools at Rutgers–Newark, the School of Arts and Sciences–Newark enrolls more than 60 percent of the undergraduate population. Many of these talented students find their way into the various honors programs available on campus, including the Honors College, the Honors Living-Learning Community, and various academic honor societies.

Honors College