Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Search Committee

GREGORY JACKSON, Interim Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Academic AffairsNew Brunswick, Chair

Stephen G. Abel, Director of Veteran and Military Programs and Services

Diane Bonanno, Executive Director for Recreation

Antonio Calcado, Vice President, Facilities and Capital Planning

Joseph Charette, Executive Director, Dining Services

Barbara Cooper, Professor, History; African Studies; Women’s and Gender Studies, School of Arts and Sciences

Kenneth B. Cop, Chief of Police, Rutgers University Police Department

Carlos Costa, Director, Student Centers

Richard DeLisi, Dean, Graduate School of Education

Anthony J. Doody, Director of Student Centers and Programs

Paul Hammond, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Academic Affairs–New Brunswick

Arlene Hunter, Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Director of Admissions, Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work

Michelle Jefferson, Dean of Students, Cook and Douglass Campuses

Jennifer M. Kurtz, Director, Diverse Community Affairs (SJE and LGBT Communities)

Lisa Laitman, Director, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program

Matt Matsuda, College Avenue Campus Dean; Dean, School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program; Professor, Department of History, School of Arts and Sciences

Monica Mazurek, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering

Delia C. Pitts, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Jay Ravaliya, Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering

Judith Ryan, Director of Compliance

Thomas M. Stephens, NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative; Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, School of Arts and Sciences

Michael J. Stillwagon, Director, Residence Life

Yusra A. Syed, Undergraduate Student, Political Science; Middle Eastern Studies, School of Arts and Sciences

Jonathon Tsui, Undergraduate Student, Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick

Barbara Turpin, Dean of Undergraduate Education, George H. Cook Campus; Professor, Environmental Science, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

 Bond Wann, President, Graduate Student Association (Business Science)

Napis Wong, Senior Director, Academic Programming and Engagement, Undergraduate Academic Affairs–New Brunswick

Linda G. Schulze, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Staff