The Filmmakers of Writers House

Steve Holloway
Majors: English; Journalism and Media Studies

Class of 2012

Steve traveled to Thailand with students from Engineers Without Borders for a film about Rutgers students helping to bring fresh water to a remote Thai community.

View the film about the Engineers Without Borders project, as well as Writers House in Thailand, a film about the Writers House filmmakers’ experience there.

Steve HollowayOn filming in Thailand: I definitely learned how to think on my feet. We were out filming in the rain for three weeks, and we really had to throw things together to ensure that our equipment didn't get damaged, including tying plastic bags around our camera.

Collaborating with engineers—and villagers: Shooting the Engineers Without Borders documentary was an amazing cultural experience. None of us, including the engineering students, had been to Thailand, and it was a real eye-opening experience.

We had to learn the culture well enough not only so that the engineers could collaborate with the villagers, but also to ensure that the villagers were comfortable with our crew sticking cameras in their faces.

Always learning: The best thing about journalism, particularly documentary filmmaking, is that you never stop learning. I not only learned about film with the Engineers Without Borders project—I learned about science and culture as well.

Changed his life: This might sound cliché, but the documentary program at Writers House changed my life. After taking my independent study in Thailand, I pretty much redirected my entire career path to include film. Dena’s classes have, by far, been the best thing that has happened to me at Rutgers.