The Filmmakers of Writers House

Stephen BeestonOn Writers House film classes: You see everyone going from knowing absolutely nothing, and then at the end, with the student film festival, everyone’s there with their friends and family and you can actually see so much progress.

On traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands for the filming of Atlantic Crossing (about a robotic underwater glider): I was hoping the glider would be deployed on the first day, and then we could spend the next six days on the beach.

We basically shot the whole week, and we only got the shot we needed on the morning before we got back on the plane.

The challenges: We needed to get an underwater shot of the glider as it was being deployed. No matter what we tried, it was so humid, the housing for the camera steamed up.

We were stuck on this small fishing boat that’s able to hold about two people, and we’re out in nine-foot waves. It was the toughest shoot I’ve ever done, but also the most fun.

Uncovering talent at Rutgers: On the face of it, they’re just another student, but with these videos, you see how talented so many people are at Rutgers. It just amazes me.