The Filmmakers of Writers House

Lizette Gesuden
Majors: English; Journalism and Media Studies
Graduated in 2009

Lizette’s experience with Writers House helped her land a job creating video for a consulting company in Brooklyn.

View Being Balut, Lizette’s film about identity and biculturalism in a Filipino-American family.

Lizette GesudenEclectic mix of projects: While a student at Writers House, I worked on Being Balut, a piece exploring cultural identity, and Bang Bang, which was about the struggle of a drummer trying to do what he loves for a living. As Writers House staff, I was the assistant editor, associate producer, and a camera operator for Atlantic Crossing: A Robot’s Daring Mission.

Practical knowledge for the “real world”: My experience in doing video for Writers House really gave me the skills I needed to continue a career in video. I learned a lot about all the aspects of videography, from preproduction to postproduction and even promotion.

No other program like it: I currently work in Brooklyn, New York, creating video for a consulting company, and I would not have had the skills I needed to land this job if I had not taken any of the video classes at Writers House.

There is no other program in the university like it. The courses teach you how to collaborate, and how to give and take constructive criticism, and while they are intensive, it forces you to work with the software every day, and I think students find they pick it up very quickly this way.