Leadership and Growth

Between juggling a double major and serving as a student government leader, senior Niloufar Mahgerefteh is doing everything possible to make the most of the Rutgers experience.

Nilou’s double major in psychology and marketing allows her to draw on the resources of both the School of Arts and Sciences and Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick. Along with her studies, Nilou is president of the Rutgers Business Governing Association, the student government for undergraduate business students at Rutgers–New Brunswick.

“I have a lot on my plate,” says Nilou, who is from Rockaway, New Jersey. “I’m happy doing everything I’m doing. I just can’t be lazy.”

What made you decide to attend Rutgers?
I first decided to visit Rutgers because of its convenient location in between New York City and Philadelphia. The fact that the school is merely a train ride away from these major cities really appealed to me. During my four years at Rutgers, I’ve taken the train to attend interviews and information sessions, or just take in all these cities have to offer.

What sealed the deal?
After coming to see the school, I fell in love with Rutgers students’ pride and sense of community on campus. I also liked that there was a myriad of courses and majors to choose from, and heard great things about the business program here. I remember thinking there really is something for everybody at this school.

Nilou MahgereftehCollege can be a big change. Do you feel like you’ve grown in any significant ways since attending Rutgers?
There is no doubt in my mind that I have seen my leadership and communication skills improve as my involvement has increased on campus. This includes public speaking and developing presentations. I have also seen a change in my study habits, which have become a lot more efficient. My business courses have taught me a lot about teamwork, how to analyze situations, and the benefits of thinking outside the box. The concepts I’ve learned from psychology classes have really influenced my thinking about the need to step off the sidelines and take action to make a difference, both personally and within the Rutgers community.

What’s the focus of the Rutgers Business Governing Association (RBGA)?
It’s a group of 40 students, and we meet every week. Our goal for this year is to voice the concerns of students while encouraging pride and a sense of community at the business school. We had a social event, for freshmen, at the RutgersZone at the Livingston Student Center, and another one with students, professors, and deans. We really want students to feel connected to the business school.

Any tips on making the most of your time at Rutgers?
I love all the opportunities available at Rutgers. You should get involved. Being a member of a group like the RBGA is a great networking opportunity. You’ll learn a lot and gain a lot of communication skills. Go for leadership roles, too. It’s really good practice for working after college.

What other advice do you have for students?
Utilize all the resources available at Rutgers, especially Career Services and the Office of Career Management for business school students. Go there to have your résumé critiqued. Their door is open, and they always want to help us. That’s what they’re here for. The same with professors. If you don’t understand something, stay after class. Since freshman year, I’ve been going to office hours and asking questions. The professors are so intelligent, and I want to absorb everything they know. They’re always willing to help. I have had countless professors at Rutgers who have had strong influences on the way I approach and analyze situations, both in and out of the classroom.