The Filmmakers of Writers House

Lauren Choinski
Majors: English; Journalism and Media Studies

Class of 2011

Lauren Choinski’s dream job? Working for the Travel Channel. And her dream seems a lot more possible now, thanks to the filmmaking experience she got from Writers House.

Watch Lauren’s short documentary, Edwin Goes to Princeton, about a Rutgers student competing in a Rubik’s Cube competition, and Myssi’s Journey, a film produced in collaboration with Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Lauren ChoinskiNo time to slack off: I learned a lot at Writers House that I wouldn't have gotten out of a classroom experience.

Writers House has given me real-life experiences of organizing shoots, problem solving technical difficulties, and working under very tight deadlines.

There’s no room for slacking off.

Dena has been an amazing professor, mentor, leader, and inspiration for me to pursue my goals.

Senior Lauren Choinski, speaking of Dena Seidel, director of digital storytelling at Writers House

On traveling to Washington, D.C., to film the arrival of the Scarlet Knight—the first robotic vehicle to cross the Atlantic—at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History: The event moved quickly, so we needed to grab the cameras, equipment, and bags and run to the next spot.

Dream job: I used to think it was near impossible for me to get onto the Travel Channel one day, which has been a dream job of mine since ninth grade. Now that I have these experiences at Writers House, I feel like I’m better prepared to enter the job market, whether for a smaller production company, freelance, or straight to the Travel Channel.

Her own show: My own show on the Travel Channel would be my ultimate career goal. My show would be called Hitchhikers Guide to Planet Earth, and I would plan on hitchhiking everywhere with a small crew to film me.