The Filmmakers of Writers House

Scott Lazes
Major: Journalism and Media Studies
Class of 2011

Scott Lazes isn’t out of college, and he’s already traveled to Copenhagen and the Virgin Islands for documentary filmmaking projects.

View Creationism, Scott’s film about a Rutgers student obsessed with insects.

Scott LazesBugs, robots, sports: I worked on three films at Writers House.

Creationism is a film about a Rutgers student who studies and collects insects.

Out to Play was one of the films in the Sports and Sexuality documentary series that senior dean of students Mark Schuster cosponsored with Writers House.

And for Atlantic Crossing, I traveled to St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, to film the deployment of two oceanographic gliders.

My work with Writers House defined my undergraduate career.

Senior Scott Lazes

Traveling to Copenhagen to film Out to Play: My trip to Copenhagen was amazing. I went there to follow a number of athletes for my film, Out to Play: World Outgames 2009 (about a sports event for LGBT athletes). The film argued that gay athletes take sports just as seriously as their straight counterparts and should be considered as competitive and legitimate as their peers. My goal is to make a feature-length film about the Outgames in 2013 in Antwerp.

Defining his undergraduate years: My work with Writers House defined my undergraduate career.

I learned how to structure a multimedia story; I gained an enormous amount of experience with filmmaking; and I made amazing connections that will invariably sustain me as I transition to becoming a professional.