The Filmmakers of Writers House

Chantal EyongLearning at Writers House: I can say I’ve really grown up here. The staff is very supportive, and the collaborations with different departments give me the opportunity to learn about different cultures, classes, events, science, engineering, etc., while learning about filmmaking and telling visual stories.

On traveling to Thailand for a documentary about Engineers Without Borders: Thailand was an amazing, unforgettable experience. I have never traveled that far, and I was very nervous before the trip there. I am forever grateful to have gone, to have seen a culture so different from my own, and to have been part of a trip which involved meeting new people and documenting the dedication and charity of Engineers Without Borders.

Planning: I was in a position where I was the lead in the documentary crew, in a place that I didn't know, within a culture that I was experiencing for the first time. It gave me the initiative to really plan with my fellow crew member, Steve Holloway, and to make sure we went about coordinating shoots the right way.

Confidence and initiative: The experience really tested our capabilities and encouraged us to really push ourselves. We left Thailand feeling very confident in our ability to lead and take initiative.